: All of these flavors. Just can’t make up my mind. What flavor would be?  


popstarmagazine: + PopStar = best combo for a ! agrees

Her name was Nina Pennington

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Before you tell me to go away, let me tell you one thing. I know I messed everything up, I- I have a lot of insecurities and I do really stupid things sometimes. Well a lot of the time. All I ever wanted was for you to like me and think that I was cool, which I’m not. I let a lot of the stuff get in the way of the fact… I really like you so much. - Rick Stevens

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@caradelevingne: Loving ladies night @selenagomez @sukiwaterhouse @marycharteris @georgiamayjagger #GREEBLINGS ❤

shoteira: Segue de volta amr??